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'The indie rock vibes complement the beautiful vocal performances by Lindsey and Ryan, the band’s creative duo.'
— Alchemical Records on
"Man-Made Moon"

'Lindsey and Ryan's voices are bold and dynamic. ... The lyrics are profound and poetic.'
— MusiFlo on Better in the Dark

'With a thoughtful piano intro, melodica melody and catchy rhythms, “Fly Back to You” is more pensive than other singles in this
6-song EP.'

— on

"Fly Back to You"

MusiFlo - Jan. 13, 2023

Feature on Better in the Dark with observations and comparisons for each track.

EthnoCloud - Jan. 10, 2023

Premiere of "Fly Back to You" video.

Divine Magazine - Dec. 19, 2022

Notes and insights on Better in the Dark.


Volatile Weekly - Dec. 16, 2022

In-depth interview that provides a behind-the-scenes look at musical influences and inspiration.

Modern Mystery blog - Dec. 12, 2022

Article on "Man-Made Moon" and Better in the Dark from an indie music blog.

Indie-Music - Dec. 5, 2022

Feature on "Fly Back to You" and Better in the Dark from an online magazine covering the indie music industry.

Skope Magazine - Dec. 5, 2022

News update about our new album from a digital site headquartered in Boston.

Live in Limbo - Dec. 1, 2022

Exclusive premiere of Better in the Dark ahead of the album release.

Independent Artist Buzz - Dec. 1, 2022

This article explores the intersection of music and lyrics in "Fly Back to You."

The Indie Source - Nov. 18, 2022

Our debut single "Man-Made Moon" is spotlighted in this feature.

Tinnitist Weekend Mixtape - Nov. 4, 2022

"Fly Back to You" was included in Tinnitist's list of Songs That Are More Than You Can Handle. We're at #61; others featured on the list include Pete Yorn, Guns'N'Roses, and Animal Collective.

Readifolk Radio Show - Oct. 14, 2022

"When the Lights Go Low," a song off our forthcoming EP, Better in the Dark, made its radio debut on the Readifolk Radio Show.

Alchemical Records - Oct. 7, 2022

Our debut single, "Man-Made Moon," was featured for New Music Friday by Alchemical Records, which covers  the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, Va. metro area music scenes.


Image by Viktor Bystrov
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